Income Insurance

Income Insurance

Income Protection Insurance is a great idea for professionals from any industry or background. For a surprisingly affordable price, you can be protected from the unexpected, get a percentage of your old income (depending on your needs and the policy you choose) should something happen that means you can no longer do your job. Most policies cover you 24/7 and while participating in sport as well.

Our advisors are familiar with a range of policy providers for Income Protection Insurance for Geelong residents, and we can help you get a policy that is tailored to your future protection needs. Why pay the expensive premiums of a big city executive, when you can protect your current income for less? Let us show you how.

MAC Financial are the local Geelong income insurance specialists

We have been providing quality professional advice on income insurance in Geelong for over 17 years, and we can get you on the right track too, in as little time as possible and at a price to suit your budget. Because we provide comprehensive personal service, our team can also ensure that the policy you select fits in with your broad financial goals and needs. This advice and service are not just for high income earners; we believe that everyone deserves peace of mind, especially those with families to consider, or individuals who have made financial commitments for their long term future, such as home loans.

MAC Financial are the Geelong income insurance advisors of choice for a number of local business people and individuals. We also assist locals in critical need with the claims process, free of charge through our partnership with the Cancer Council. To find out more, visit our 'MAC in the Community' page.

Let MAC Financial work with you to find the best cover for you and your budget.

How MAC can help you

How we can help?

MAC Financial offers advice and insight into financial and wealth planning, superannuation, insurance, investment portfolios, property and lending. We believe no matter what your situation in life you can always benefit from having your own dedicated financial team working for you.

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We enjoy seeing our clients achieve their wealth goals, and would love to show you how this is possible for you.

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