Do you have a Spending Plan that maps out what you can save? All Wealth starts with Savings. Having a plan in place for savings will put you on the right path to future Wealth.

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With a Spending Plan and regular savings you know how much you have available to invest. Property, Shares, Super (the investments you choose in super) all need to build your Wealth. We will help you navigate your options and choose the right investments for your future Wealth.

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Borrowing Money (and paying it back) gives you the opportunity to invest in your future. First Home, Second Home, Investment Property/s. Lending is a great tool to help you grow your future Wealth.

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We will help you build your financial wealth through Saving, Lending, Investing in Property, Shares, Superannuation & Pensions. Our Wealth programs won’t just build your financial wealth they will empower you to do the things that you want in life knowing you have a plan in place that works for you.

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We enjoy seeing our clients achieve their Wealth Goals and would love to show you how this is possible for you.

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Why MAC?

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We help you Build Wealth!

At MAC we are a professional and passionate team dedicated to helping all Australians build their wealth. Our approach is open, honest and transparent. When it comes to growing your wealth, we understand that having a professional planner working with you and helping you make the best choice for you will be the best decision you will make.

Wealth is a destination reached by those who regularly take the right steps. Working together we make sure that you are best placed to reach the destination you want.
Jamie McIntyre

Here at MAC, we help to understand the value of professional financial planning in a fun and positive environment. We enjoy building Wealth and seeing our clients achieve their Wealth Goals and would love to show you how this is possible for you.

Our Offer

Our Unique Greater Wealth Process
wealth process

It all starts with a connection. You have found us through an introduction from a family member a friend or other professional you work with. It could be via Google, Our Website or our Socials. In the Connect phase you progress to a 10-minute phone/Video Meeting with our Financial Planner to see if we are the right fit for you to grow your wealth.


Once you have had Kickstart Call and the connection is strong. We discuss the important things in your life, the things you want to achieve, and we talk about how we can get you there. We start to assess together how we can help you and offer to progress to a Face-to-Face meeting to Kickstart your wealth.

At the in person Kickstart Meeting we will go deeper into the detail of what you really want to achieve. We will continue to assess and discuss your current wealth and the future wealth opportunities available to you. In our meeting you will get clarity of what you have, what you want and how to get more of what you want out of your life and your wealth. We will offer to build you a plan to achieve what you want and recommend the appropriate wealth program that is right for you.


In the planning phase we will figure out together what is most important to you. We will discuss and refine the Financial & Lifestyle Goals that are important to you. With clear goals in place, together we will map out your future, guide you to make decisions that improve your wealth and help you to see the big picture of your future. We will discuss and figure out how all your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses work together to achieve what you want. You will have a comprehensive plan that is unique to you/your family to build the future that you want.


Your plan is built, and you now progress to putting your plan into action and building on the foundations of your existing wealth. The grow phase will improve your life and wealth. You will take regular steps to grow and improve your wealth. You will have regular savings that you invest in your future. Those savings could be used to pay down debt, invest in assets or invest in your family (travel, education, weddings etc). You will know when to spend, when to invest and what to prioritise first.


You have a plan in place that evolves over time. Each year you invest time to Assess, Plan & Grow. You are consistently achieving your financial and life goals along the way, and this empowers you to evolve and create new financial and lifestyle goals as you grow your wealth. You continue to work with us and continue to experience the compounding effect of investing in yourself, your future and building your own version of Financial Freedom.

MAC Financial offers advice and insight into all elements of your Wealth. Our Wealth Programs will make your Wealth Goals a future reality.

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